The Shareholders' Alliance is a solution-oriented organization of proactive and responsible commercial fishermen. We believe that it is our responsibility to educate regional and federal regulators and play an active role in helping shape our commercial fishing regulations. By doing this, we find collaborative ways to meet legal fisheries requirements while still being able to run successful fishing businesses.

Fishermen are inherently innovative, and the Shareholders' Alliance works hard to provide forums where fishermen can come together and discuss their ideas. We identify the problem and bring real solutions to the table.

Some of our prior successes include:

  • Grassroots campaigning of fishing industry and other stakeholder support that directly led to the implementation of the commercial red snapper IFQ in 2007.
  • Spearheading the development and implementation of the second IFQ program in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 – the commercial grouper/tilefish IFQ.
  • Creation of the Gulf’s only red snapper Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) and the first and only grouper FIP in the world, which are coming together as the Reef Fish Fishery FIP.

Members of the Shareholders’ Alliance actively engage in critical state, regional, and federal educational and outreach campaigns to improve protections for fish, fishing businesses, and our fishing communities. Some of our dedicated work includes:

  • Increase accountability and conservation protections in the Gulf of Mexico fisheries.
  • Protect commercial red snapper and other fishery allocations.
  • Strengthen the existing red snapper and grouper/tilefish IFQ programs.
  • Advocate for real solutions that provide accountable opportunities for for-hire and private recreational anglers.
  • Expand IFQ opportunities in other Gulf fisheries.
  • Improve data collection protocols, frequency of stock assessments, and opportunities for electronic reporting and video monitoring implementation.
  • Promote measures that increase the stability of fishing businesses.
  • Ensure that revisions to federal fisheries law (Magnuson-Stevens Act) revisions maintain critical conservation measures, protect important forage stocks, reduce bycatch, and strengthen protections for fish populations and fishing communities.
  • Defend the right of the tens of millions of American consumers to access sustainably-harvested Gulf of Mexico seafood.

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