Mission Statement

The Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance is working to protect the Gulf’s fish and fishermen for today and for future generations. As a strategic non-profit group of proactive fishermen, we represent the interests of commercial fishermen and other stakeholders that want to bring sustainability and accountability to fisheries management. Everything we do is founded in our belief that conservation and stewardship protect fish populations and fishermen’s businesses. And we do this from the ground-up: we are commercial fishermen creating positive change.

Organizational Goal

The Shareholders’ Alliance strives to be the most effective commercial fishing organization in the Gulf of Mexico. We will achieve successful and sustainable management the Gulf’s marine ecosystems in a manner that:

  1. is built upon constructive industry collaboration and advocacy;
  2. promotes conservation, accountability, and long-term economic stability;
  3. utilizes a strong federally-backed scientific process; and
  4. delivers a reliable source of sustainably harvested seafood to the American consumer.

Organizational Priorities

  • Protect and rebuild Gulf of Mexico fish stocks using a strong federal science-based management process.
  • Advocate and defend comprehensive and effective fishery management measures that promote conservation, stability, stewardship, accountability, and economic health of the entire Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.
  • Enhance and improve the accuracy, precision, and timeliness of data used to assess and manage the Gulf’s fisheries and marine ecosystem.
  • Prioritize and promote the long-term health and viability of the Gulf’s fishing businesses and shoreside infrastructure through Quota Banks and other means.
  • Support and defend enforcement of the Gulf’s fishery regulations.
  • Ensure that the American public maintains access to high quality, wild, sustainably-harvested, domestically-caught Gulf of Mexico seafood.

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