In 2015, the Shareholders’ Alliance launched the first and only community quota bank in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Quota Bank is addressing the problem of red snapper discards in the grouper fishery by providing 50,000 pounds red snapper allocation to grouper fishermen who need it. In exchange for access to this allocation they may not have had otherwise, participating fishermen agree to stop discarding red snapper, report their catch on a trip-by-trip basis, and operate at a higher standard of accountability.

In 2016, we are continuing to focus on reducing red snapper discards but we are also expanding the program to also help the next generation of fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Quota Bank is a fishermen-run program that delivers triple-bottom-line benefits by

  • 1) reducing wasteful red snapper discarding,
  • 2) increasing profitability of grouper businesses, and
  • 3) promoting industry solutions support for the next generation of fishermen.

For more information on the Quota Bank, please follow these links:

For more information about the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Quota Bank, download and submit via email a copy of the 1) Application and 2) Operations Plan documents or contact Eric Brazer for more information: eric@shareholdersalliance.org.

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