The Shareholders' Alliance is a 501(c)(6) non-profit fishermen’s organization that represents the interests of commercial fishermen and other stakeholders that want to bring sustainability and accountability to fisheries management. We work closely with local fishing communities, regional managers, and federal representatives to improve fishery regulations and ensure that we can continue to provide the American public with a sustainable source of domestically-caught Gulf of Mexico Seafood.

Members of the Shareholders' Alliance work tirelessly to promote stewardship of the Gulf's fishery resources and to strengthen the commercial reef fish industry. Through targeted advocacy and education, high-level campaign work, and core beliefs in conservation and sustainability, our fishermen work to improve management, reduce bycatch, protect the marine environment, improve safety at sea, and enhance the economic value of the fishing industry. We do this so we can provide consumers year-round access to authentic, high-quality seafood.

The Shareholders' Alliance is the most effective voice for commercial reef fish fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. To successfully achieve our goals, we engage in the following key activities:


    Raising awareness of commercial fishing among regulators, educating elected officials; fighting for conservation and accountability to be the keystone of fisheries management.

    Developing a community-based solution to reduce red snapper discards.

    Working together to support the next generation of commercial fishermen.