The members and supporters of the Shareholders' Alliance are fishermen, seafood suppliers, industry representatives, regulators and elected officials who work to protect Gulf Coast fishing communities. We are a fisherman’s organization run by fishermen on behalf of fishermen.

We are working hard to protect the Gulf’s fish and fishermen for today and future generations. Everything we do is founded in our belief that conservation and stewardship protect fish populations and fishermen’s businesses. And we do this from the ground-up: we are commercial fishermen creating positive change.


Bubba Cochrane

Galveston, Texas

Captain Bubba Cochrane fishes out of his homeport in Galveston, Texas on his boat the f/v Chelsea Ann. He has been fishing for as long as he can remember - starting out on a charter boat when he was 17, and fishing commercially in the charter off-season, Bubba eventually became a full-time commercial fisherman. In his role as President, he supports and provides leadership to both the Shareholders' Alliance and Gulf Wild. He is passionate about the sustainability of Gulf fisheries and works to protect the heritage of fishing for his family, especially his ten year old son, Connor.

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Jason DeLaCruz

Vice President
Madeira Beach, Florida

Jason has been fishing since he was 5 years old. Starting out as a recreational fisherman, he has worked as a professional commercial spear fisherman as well as an owner operator of the commercial fishing vessels f/v Miss Ruby, f/v Brickyard, f/v Relentless and f/v Nuthing Purfect. He became actively involved in the fishery management process when he became a member of the Shareholders' Alliance and accepted a position as Vice President working to protect the fishery he loved.

During this time, he helped develop and implement the Gulf Wild brand. Knowing that actions speak louder than words, Jason's company - Wild Seafood Co. - adopted the principles and guidelines of Gulf Wild so that it could provide the highest quality, responsibly harvested seafood, to the nation.

Jason is also the first Executive Director of Gulf Wild. In this capacity, he drives brand development, awareness and support. At the same time, he supports commercial fishermen who are dedicated to protecting fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico; committed to responsible harvest of their catch; and interested in innovative measures of seafood conservation.

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Steve Tomeny

Port Fourchon, Louisiana

A freshwater and saltwater fisherman in Louisiana and Mississippi since childhood, and an avid scuba diver since his days at LSU, Steve has more than 35 years of experience in Gulf of Mexico fisheries. He started out building and operating a six passenger dive charter boat out of Port Fourchon, LA. Subsequently, Steve bought a 65-foot bare hull, towed it from Montgomery, Al to Baton Rouge, and within a year, launched the f/v Southerner. A few years later, he added the f/v Louisiana, f/v Gulf of Mexico, and the f/v Caribbean Sea, all 65-footers built on the same style hull for mixing charter and commercial fishing. Steve is on the board of the Charter Fisherman’s Association, which consists of charter operators and captains working to advance new ideas in the charter-for-hire industry. A separate fisheries management plan for the charter-for-hire fleet is one of CFA’s more immediate goals.

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Glen Brooks

Founding Member & Director
Cortez, Florida

Glen has been grouper and red snapper fishing for over 30 years, owns three bottom long-liners and is active in promoting sustainable management policies for the fishery. Presently, Glen is president of the Gulf Fishermen’s Association while concurrently serving on our board.

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Buddy Guindon

Founding Member & Executive Director
Galveston, Texas

Buddy has worked in the fishing industry for 30+ years as both a fishermen and fish house owner operator at Katie's Seafood Market in Galveston. He has experience working on both the state and federal levels to assist in the implementation of IFQ's into the red snapper fishery and a staunch advocate of education, especially the benefits of sustainable fishing practices that will secure the future of Gulf fisheries. With Buddy's leadership skills and first hand knowledge of fishery issues, the Shareholders' Alliance is strengthening its ability to address complicated discussions within the fishery - particularly with respect to reallocation and MSA reauthorization.

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Eric Brazer

Deputy Director

Starting out on his father's commercial lobster boat in Maine, and with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from Brown University as well as a Master’s degree in Coastal Environmental Management from Duke University, Eric Brazer brings a wealth of fisheries experience to his position as Deputy Director of the Shareholders' Alliance. He began working with the Shareholders' Alliance in October of 2013 after having spent nearly 10 years working with the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance in Massachusetts. During that time, Eric led the charge for a responsible quota management program in New England's traditional groundfish fishery and was one of the first Sector Managers in New England to look after a groundfish harvesting cooperative of more than 50 fishermen.

Eric works closely with the Executive Director and Board of the Shareholders' Alliance to protect the commercial fishery and the resource that fisherman and consumers rely on. Together they are working to build solutions to today's fishery problems.

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