Our Partners


Gulf Wild™

 Fish that carry the  Gulf Wild™ brand set the standard for genuine, responsibly caught, and reliable seafood harvested by local fisherman operating in the Gulf of Mexico. When you see a Gulf Wild™ tag, or notice the Gulf Wild™ brand in the restaurants or retailers you visit, you are looking at the absolute best in fresh, responsibly harvested seafood. When you purchase Gulf Wild™ branded seafood, you are supporting sustainable fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and the local fishing industry that dates back over many generations. 


Charter Fisherman's Association

Charter Fisherman's Association (CFA) was formed by a group of Charter-for-Hire fishermen for the Charter for Hire industry and the millions of recreational fishermen who rely on the Industry across the country. Our mission statement is to ensure American public access to fishing, to engage and represent the charter for hire industry, and to ensure long-term sustainability of our industry. This mission is achieved through outreach, education and the development of realistic solutions within the framework of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Management Act, and the federal or state processes for managing and improving our fisheries.


Fishing Communities Coalition

 The Fishing Communities Coalition (FCC) is an association of community-based, small-boat commercial fishing groups, representing more than 1,000 independent fishermen and business owners from Maine to Alaska, who share a commitment to the sustainable management of America’s fishery resources. The FCC was formed to strengthen and unify the individual voices of our member organizations. Together, we work to support thriving commercial fisheries in each of our local communities, while acting as strong stewards of the marine environments off our shores. 


Seafood Harvesters of America

Seafood Harvesters of America is a broadly based organization that represents commercial fishermen and their associations. From George’s Bank to the Bering Sea and from California to the Florida Keys, our members reflect the diversity of America’s coastal communities, the complexity of our marine environments and the enormous potential of our commercial fisheries. As domestic harvesters of an American public resource, we recognize and embrace our stewardship responsibility. We strive for accountability in our fisheries, encourage others to do the same, and speak out on issues of common concern that affect the U.S. commercial fishing industry, the stewardship of our public resources and the many millions of Americans who enjoy seafood. 


Marine Fish Conservation Network

The Marine Fish Conservation Network (MFCN) is a coalition of commercial and recreational fishing associations, regional and national conservation groups, aquaria, and marine science organizations committed to sustaining fish populations, healthy marine ecosystems, and fishing communities. Our goal is to maintain and strengthen the conservation and management objectives of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.